Technological process:

  • material: beech or pine wood; solid or finger-glued

  • drying: vacuum or conventional

  • specialized automatic lathes enable the selection of diameters from 10mm to 160mm

  • paraffinated or grinded which ensures the smoothness of the product

  • transport on pallets (1000 items each)


We only sell our products in bulk quantities (> 1000 pieces).

wooden sticks

  • with diameters:16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 25, 28, 30, 32
  • lengths as ordered, for glued wood even more than 5m

Shafts and sticks

  • brush and mop shafts

  • brush shafts with a string pendant

  • brush shafts with a plastic handle

  • rake and hoe shafts

  • windbreaker screen poles

  • flagstaffs

  • sticks for garden torches

kije do szczotek i mopów z zawieszką sznurkową

kije do szczotek z plastikowym uchwytem

kije do szczotek i mopów z zawieszką sznurkową

kij do grabi i motyczek

kij do parawanów

drzewce do flag

Finely crafted woodenware

Możliwości wykończenia produktów:

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